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02 January 2012 @ 05:42 pm
Terms and Conditions  

Terms and Conditions of Use:
-The screenshots and avatars in this page is free for use.
-Taking screenshots takes a lot of time and effort and uploading and posting them here takes quite some time as well. -But then, I decided to do so not because I want to please anyone but only because I want to share them to others(: 
-You have your fave characters, I also have mine. So don't complain if my fave characters got so many shots and yours barely has one. Ask nicely if you want some shots or take them yourself.
-I also have my own list of anime here. If you don't find the anime you want there in my Watching list (take note! only in my "Watching" list not in my completed, on-hold, etc.), then there's no way I'm taking screenshots of that anime 'cause I only take shots of those I'm watching.
-There're anime with high quality screenshots and those who're in good quality but not high quality (meaning smaller scale) and sometimes with subtitles. This is because I don't watch all of my anime in HQ, only those that I really like.

If you have any anime that you would like me to take screenshots, just comment up.. just make sure it's in my "Watching" list..

Few Reminders:
          1. Do not repost and claim as your own
          2. You may use the screenshots for your blog/website but do not claim as your own.
          3. You may use the screenshots as resource image for you avatars, wallpapers, etc.
          4. Crediting me && linking me back here is well appreciated.
          5. DO NOT take and run. Post a comment that you're taking. It gives me encouragement to post more.
          6. You may post the link where you used my screenshots so that I can visit your page and see how you use them(:

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